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Newb Project :: Crossfire Spoiler

By Ail - 2/19/2013 3:38:15 AM

Hello all, newbie trying to start a project. Have never done any CF work before but have done my homework.  Sorry in advance for the book, I feel like this could get long winded.  

Ultimate goal: modular retractable spoiler. (Different tops to attach to the base)
Realistic first time goal: replica of stock spoiler

If you are not familiar with the crossfire it has a retractable spoiler that deploys around 100kph this what I would like to recreate in carbon fiber.  My ultimate goal will be to create my own modular spoiler with various different styles.  

This is what the spoiler looks like removed from the car

Top side (about 3ft wide)


Mount/bracket close up

Both halves separated top looks to be glass,bottom is metal

My first order of business will be to recreate the stock unit.

My big question here is how to handle the brackets.  This is a spoiler I picked up used so I can tear into it if absolutely needed.  Do I recreate the brackets in carbon and bond everything together? Can I make a mold around them?

That will prob hold me over for now.

Future plans would include how to make some modifications to the base mold (would like to do some diffuser like strips on the bottom instead.

What to use to create an additional lip on the stock spoiler that can be used to make a mold

How to attach the two halves together so the top could  be swapped out with a different style. Etc.

Thanks for any help / guidance you all can provide.  Also I'm located in the US so not sure about the best place for materials.  I love the kits easy composites supplies but not sure how economical shipping and such would be.

Tanks again!
By Rivera - 8/2/2013 10:59:53 PM

I want that lip wing