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First Attempt - Results Question

By AlpineCoupe - 1/22/2021 5:36:57 AM

This was a practice run at resin infusion. I had never tried it and wanted to see how it went. Overall I learned a lot (mostly what not to do) and this was the result. Panel is 3 plys of 3k 2x2 twill, on a glass table top that was waxed with 5 coats of Partall #2.

I'm wondering if anyone can help identify the cause of the couple of dull spots on the panel. Perhaps the resin didn't penetrate all of the way through? Issue with using just wax? Pinhole leak in the bag?

I tried to grab a slightly more up close shot:

Thanks for the help as always!

By AlpineCoupe - 2/24/2021 6:17:12 AM

Second attempt worked out much better. Used the 700nc and release was very good. Thanks again for the help!