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Problems with infusion - Helmet

By kosak95 - 6/26/2020 10:07:29 AM

Hi all, 

I have some questions. I was posting few months back about making wood moulds, and with your help I finally made some type of mould that works. I painted mould with 2K clearcoat and that was final step.
From that moment I started doing helmets with epoxy resin and carbon, and with epoxy resin and fiberglass.
Since then I'm making slow progress on how to make very good helmets. Mostly on helmets I find places where there's no resin. Big problem is around area where resin is entering (middle). And almost on all helmets there are small pinholes.
I'll post some pictures alongside how I make infusion and some examples of problems.
Can you recommend mi what could be the problem and what way is best to put carbon in mould, if that will make any difference. Thanks

There is no more tape and it looks nicer with more tries, this one one of the first ones. I have very strong pump and almost everytime there is 95-99% vacuum.

This one one of the better models. the resin on the top is because of some problems with resin entering, that was first time it happend and later it didn't.
Problem where resin is entering and you can see small pinholes everywhere.
One of the better examples but you can't really see anything because it's fiberglass and it's white.
One of the worst models.

Hope you can give me some advice.
By explorecomposites - 7/3/2020 1:39:04 AM

What Warren said.   Or find a piece of air tight plastic or metal and use it as a "table" to put your mold on - then bag it down to the table.  Bag on 5 sides, table on the sixth.