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Curing autoclave prepreg in an oven

By Henkka - 5/9/2019 11:42:07 AM


Is it possible to cure prepregs that are supposed to be used in an autoclave using an oven? The manufacturer recommends 85 psi of autoclave pressure and 177 degrees C temperatures for curing and I'm wondering how critical the pressure is to achieve good results. 
By Steve Broad - 1/16/2020 11:57:15 PM

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Guys, im sorry for little off topic, but at the moment i don't have a facility to store large curing equipment at home. Is there any other way to work on prepreg without autoclave or oven ?

Also  using same opportunity would like to ask if anyone heard about co-operation spaces to work on carbon fibre? I was thinking off to rent garage, but things like temperature or even access to the enough power is challanging.  I am located in West Midlands - Tamworth

The definition of an oven is very loose. As long as you can sustain a temperature of around 100-120 deg C for around 4 hours (temp and time will vary depending on the resin used in the carbon but this will work with most) with the carbon under vacuum then you are good to go. Basically, all you need is heat and vacuum.

With regard to power, all you need is access to a 13amp 220v supply. What size are the parts you are thinking of making?

Hi Steve, thank you for prompt answer.  True as long i can maintain the temperature i should be o.k . I think my biggest problem will be the place now. Im renting the flat now with no spare space so i cannot manufacuter any parts in house.  Small to medium size (the biggest one will be probably rear and back splitter for the car, but at the moment small interior car parts.


No problem

For small parts I use an old electric domestic oven. Temperature ramping is a little crude but it seems to work, at least for the parts I make. A rented flat does restrict you somewhat but you could always use the flat's oven for small parts :-)

Cheers Steve, did you heard or know about any spaces to rent or for this purpose just in case if my ms will kick me out from the kitchen ?
Its  just a brief idea i am looking for, as storage places are not good, garages are very limited - and then we're moving to the big spaces with hundreds of sq m. but i don't think i am ready financialy for big rent yet.

Maybe you should consider infusion rather than prepreg, or even traditional vacuum bagging until you have the space for an oven. I am in Essex so nowhere near your area.