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How to Rotocast 3D Hollow Shapes by Hand (using Xencast® Resin Casting Starter Kit and Metal Powders)

By Becky (Staff) - 12/5/2017 12:29:47 PM

This is the new Rotocasting by Hand - how to cast 3D Hollow Shapes video from our casting series. In this video we demonstrate how to produce a hollow sphere using the Xencast® P2 Fast Cast resin by using a rotocasting by hand technique which eliminates the need for any additional equipment and means that you can use a fraction of the resin you would have needed for a solid casting.

The guide takes you through the entire process including how to create a 2 part mould using the CS25 Silicone, then demonstrates casting a 3D hollow sphere with P2 resin before repeating the process with the addition of metal powder and finally finishing the sphere to reveal the metallic effect. The metallic effect is revealed by using abrasives to remove the thin layer of resin that forms over the surface of the resin, so steel wool and sanding equipment work really well. You can also use paints to create contrast and show the detail by covering the sphere then abrading the surface.

The hand rotocasting technique is great with the P2 fast cast resin as it begins to cure after a matter of minutes meaning the rotating part can be completed in around 5 minutes* for plain resin - the time needs to be increased if you use metal powder as the process is slower, but with a little experimentation and practice you can easily work out the amount of resin required and the rotating time.
*Rotocasting time approximate - changes depending on amount of resin, conditions and if adding metal powders.

Here's the video tutorial demonstrating making a 2 part silicone mould and  hand rotocasting resin technique with and without metal powder:

If you have any questions on the processes demonstrated or the materials used please post them and we'll be happy to answer them.

Becky Hinton
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By taimur - 6/25/2020 7:02:16 AM

No matter when its post I enjoyed it.